Let's talk about that time of the month. Your menstrual cycle aka Period.

This is a topic that we should talk about more openly. From a young age females menstrual cycle begins, aka your ‘period’. With little information provided and it often seen as a taboo topic, it is hard to know what is normal and what is not. For most females we will get a period about 500 times over our lifetime.

From initial onset of our period, it can take a few years for our bodies to settle into a routine, while at the other end of our reproductive years, changes to our period is often the first sign of menopause.

Contributing factors such as stress, medical conditions and exercise/diet and you may see changes in your period as well.

When you come into clinic for a women’s health session, we discuss your menstrual cycle in depth, during this conversation we ask about your cycle. We ask questions such as:

🩸 How long it lasts?

🩸 How much blood you lose?

🩸 Whether you feel any aches or pains?

🩸 Do you use tampons or the menstrual cup, if so, have you experienced pain inserting one?

🩸 Any spotting, clots, or abnormal discharge?

🩸 What age were you at the onset of your menstrual cycle and what was it like?

🩸 Has your menstrual cycle changed?