What we offer is the unique integration of Physiotherapy and Pilates. We can take you from the treatment room to the Pilates studio, and get you back to completing your daily life pain free. The opportunities are endless.

We understand that no two bodies are the same and pride ourselves on delivering individualised sessions both in the clinic and studio. Our sessions have a strong goal-orientated component that allows us to tailor your session to you.

At Ripple we aim to provide you with the most up to date evidence-based treatment. With all team members constantly furthering their education and developing their skills to ensure you receive the most out of your sessions. We believe knowledge is power and a key component of our sessions is client education to ensure you are able to make an informed decision on the best treatment for your body.

Our Oakville Physiotherapy sessions provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a diverse range of musculoskeletal and women’s health conditions as well as vestibular conditions such as vertigo (BPPV). Our sessions at our Oakville studio in Sydney's Hills District, incorporate excellent assessment, hands on technique and exercise prescription to ensure optimal movement to suit your body’s requirements.

Our highly trained physiotherapists ensure all issues contributing to your problem are detected, not just your presenting symptoms. Looking at the whole body, to determine why the injury occurred, minimise the risk of re-injury and optimise your treatment outcomes. We believe knowledge is power and a key component of our sessions include client education. This ensures you can make an informed decision on the best treatment for your body. In combination we set realistic goals with you to target our treatment sessions to helping you achieve them.

Our Pilates Rehabilitation and Studio sessions require an initial 1:1 session with an instructor to screen your body to provide you with a tailored exercise program to meet your body’s needs. With our focus being on achieving optimal alignment and correct muscle activation. The equipment allows us to aid or challenge movement patterns allowing us to regress or progress as appropriate.

Our Mat Pilates sessions in our Oakville Studio provides an all-inclusive program that addresses all areas of the body and all movement planes. This class is delivered in a group setting with no more then 10 participants at a time. This allows us to ensure quality instruction including appropriate modifications to individuals as required. This class incorporates small pilates props such as chi balls and magic circles. These classes are great for all individuals without injuries or major health concerns.

Not sure about what is best for your body? Contact us and let us help guide you on what your body needs.


General guidelines:

  1. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain, we suggest Physio session.

  2. Experiencing stiffness or tightness we suggest either Physio or Pilates rehab/studio session.

  3. You have no injuries or health concerns and are active we suggest Pilates rehab/studio or mat sessions.

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Doctor of Physiotherapy

Bachelor of Exercise Science (Rehabilitation)

Diploma of Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Instructor Certificate IV Pilates Matwork Instructor

Catherine’s love for movement developed from a young age from her background in dance leading her to pursue a career as a health professional. Catherine has a strong passion for all sports and activities outdoors including aerial circus, water skiing, rock climbing, abseiling and snowboarding.  Catherine completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science (Rehabilitation) while completing her Diploma of Studio and Rehabilitation Pilates and Certificate IV in Matwork Pilates.  

Catherine’s love didn’t stop there, with more questions to be answered she went on and completed a Doctor of Physiotherapy. Catherine brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to the clinic and is an asset to Ripple Physio & Pilates clients. Catherine’s passion for women’s health developed throughout her education as she resonated with a lot of the areas being discussed. This pursued Catherine to further her education in this area specifically. Catherine uses her Pilates for a tool of rehabilitation taking her clients from the treatment room into the studio and then onto the mat. Catherine’s session focus on your goals while incorporating excellent technique and correct muscle activation to ensure you are getting optimal movement to suit your body’s requirements. Catherine understands no two bodies, injuries or goals are the same and ensures that you are treated accordingly.