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A pessary is a silicone device that fits into the vagina to help support prolapse of the pelvic organs or to help improve urinary incontinence by supporting the urethra.

Pessaries provide structural support by repositioning the pelvic organs into a more normal anatomical position, which can help alleviate feelings of discomfort associated with prolapse.

Pessaries are an evidence-based conservative, low-risk measure to help support the prolapse, and their use is akin to wearing a knee guard if you had a ligament issue in your knee. A pessary may be worn during activities that might typically aggravate prolapse or leakage symptoms, or it may be necessary to wear it all the time. 

There are different shapes and styles of pessaries, such as rings (with or without a knob), cubes, or Gellhorns to name a few. Your physiotherapist will talk through your history and symptoms, then complete a thorough vaginal examination to determine the best style and course of action for you. 

To book a Pessary fitting today, see booking tab under 'Women's Health Initial Consultation'.

Pessary Fitting & Pessary

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