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Business Initiatives

Are your workers prone to injury? Is the job labour intensive?

If this sounds like your business, our employee screening allows us to work with you to prevent future injuries.

How do we do this?

  1. We work with you to determine the key components of the employee’s role and the demands that are placed on their body.

  2. Employee attends Physiotherapy treatment session.

    1. Full Body Assessment based on criteria created specific to task demand

    2. Education e.g. Ergonomics, manual handling techniques and solutions for high frequency/high risk tasks

    3. Treatment if required

    4. All employees will receive an individualised exercise program

    5. Report sent back to employer outlining findings and recommendations to optimise the workspace for the employee if suitable


We aim to help you create a safe workplace that focuses on prevention of injury rather then rehabilitation. An early investment will decrease the likelihood of a future injury, which may lead to an employee requiring extended time off work and multiple treatment sessions. Let’s work together on prevention.

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