Pilates Rehabilitation/ Studio

Private (1:1) & Semi-private (1:3)

Our Pilates Rehabilitation and Studio sessions an initial 1:1 session with an instructor is required to screen your body to provide you with a tailored exercise program to meet your body’s needs. With our focus being on achieving optimal alignment and correct muscle activation. The equipment allows us to aid or challenge movement patterns allowing us to regress or progress as appropriate.

Our Response to COVID-19

Keeping your body mobile, strong and pain free is a necessity. In response to COVID-19 restrictions we are continuing to run our rehabilitation/studio sessions live online where you can participate from the comfort of your own home. We continue to monitor the government websites to ensure we are following the guidelines set. We will keep you updated for when we re-open our doors. We are ready for you all to return with all equipment undergone a deep clean and sanitisation which will continue to be in place once we are open for face to face sessions.